Featured Real Estate Broker CRB Donald P. Montellano

Featured Real Estate Broker CRB Donald P. Montellano


Don” as many use to call him started as a Sales Agent in Suntrust Properties Inc. on April 5, 2011. Despite being a BS Education graduate, he has a passion for sales, especially in the real estate business.


After a few years of working in the said company, he became a ‘top seller’ in the condominium business and nine consecutive years as ‘star of the night’ winner during the company’s annual celebration.


These achievements inspired him to take the PRC Real Estate Broker’s Exam and he passed it in December 2017. Armed with the license he quickly became a member of REBAP Global City.


Donald Paras Montellano is also a candidate for a Master’s Program in Business Administration. As an active graduate student, he presented research papers related to his field of specialization.


One of his paper was about the effects of mining to the environment especially to housing projects that was presented in International Conference in 2018 in Yangon Myanmar.


His paper entitled; “Unit Residents’ Satisfaction on The Physical Environment and Interactional Quality of a Condominium in a University Belt in Manila, Philippines”, was selected as “Best Research Paper” in the International Conference in 2019 that was held in Cagayan de Oro City.


At present, he is a Team Leader in Suntrust Properties aimed to boosting the morale and performance of sale agents despite being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Without further ado, fellow CRBs, please meet Donald Paras Montellano, our reigning national “Mr. REBAP” that was held online last May 15 of this year.



Featured Real Estate Broker CRB Ma. Lourdes M. Angeles

Featured Real Estate Broker CRB Ma. Lourdes M. Angeles


Formula to success is sometimes not only formulated from one kind of expertise but from various experiences.

Ma. Lourdes “ Det” Mangubat – Angeles is our featured CRB for this month of July 2021.

She had been in a diversified field of experience to include Hospitality and Entrepreneurship.

She graduated Bachelor of Arts and Hotel and Restaurant Administration from UP Diliman in the year 2000 and 2003 respectively and has been actively achieving her success in these fields. She enjoys being in this kind of business but in the year 2015, she decided to try and explore the field of Real Estate.

In the year of 2015, she took the Real Estate Licensure Board and passed. Since then, she is a fulfilled Licensed Broker assisting her salesperson with Avida Land Corp. She had achieved multiple awards and continues to enjoy the benefits brought about by her expertise and the support of the company.

With so much to say about our featured CRB, let us all welcome CRB “Det” Mangubat – Angeles.




How do you prefer to have your condominium or town house?  Do you want to be the first occupant, or do you not mind living in a place that was previously owned by other occupants?  Do you want to see the actual finished product before purchasing, or would you not mind investing in a building that’s yet to be finished?

Those are just some of the concerns often heard and talked about as clients scout for options regarding condominiums, house and lots, as well as town houses.   Good for real estate developers and clients, there are two types of properties available in the market. Let us give you some useful information on what these options are.


What is Pre-Selling?

The term “pre-selling” refers to the condominium units or townhouses/house and lots that are sold prior to its completion. Real estate developers wanted to cater to clients who might not exactly have the budget to purchase the finished unit but has money in the bank enough to pay for a spot in a physical property.

One setback in pre-selling units is that you don’t get to appreciate the finished infrastructure because you don’t really get to see it until it’s really done.  In fact, your expectations may be a tad different from what you will see when the final product is ready.

However, the good news is that there are dressed up and turn over condominium units, model townhouse units/ house and lots that your agent or broker can show you.  It means that you don’t really need to do guesswork or blind buy into something costly.

Given these considerations, you might also want to get in touch with a developer with a good track record in terms of infrastructure and design so that you can at least enjoy the aesthetics as you envisioned it to be.


Is RFO for you?

After the building or property has been completed, it will be sold and RFO or “Ready For Occupancy.”  If you need a roof on top of your head as soon as possible, then RFO is the way to go.

If you’re the type of client who wants to be guaranteed of quality in terms of construction and design before making a purchase, then RFO will allow you to examine the physical aspects – amenities and facilities — of your property.  It will be easier for you to judge whether you will push through with your investment if you have seen it.

The potential issue with RFO is that most of the good units or home properties with good views and prime spots have been sold during the pre-selling stage.  That would mean that the units that have been left will be your only choices.


Making your smart choice

Now that you’re well-versed in these terms, you can better weigh your options in case you’d like to invest in a real estate property.  Pre-selling is financially more accessible to most potential clients, but it has its risks.  RFO has lesser risks but indeed it’s heavier on the pocket.

Again, we advise you to get in touch with a real estate broker or a developer that has a good record that you can trust so that you will have more chances of making the right choice.





After the harsh onslaught of the pandemic, many people thought that the real estate industry would eventually go down the drain.  And why not?  Real estate selling starts with handing out of glossy flyers to people in crowded places like malls and thrives on actual visits around and out of town.  Unfortunately, all these were prohibited during the lockdown and caused somewhat of an economic turmoil and frustration not only in real estate, but in the realm of most businesses around the world.




Fortunately, there was social media and digital ads.  Digitalization made it possible for real estate to operate on the web.  It did take some time before the industry could adjust to the new normal.  The digital transition was not easy, but doable, anyway.  After all, houses and living spaces are a necessity even during the time of the pandemic.  A little more than a year after the pandemic began, most real estate companies shifted from the usual interpersonal communication to the digital marketplace. And what made this work was keeping the clients constantly informed and updated with what’s going on.




In terms of updated services, real estate developments became more comprehensive and holistic in terms of what they offer.  Buildings have now combined residential, office, and commercial spaces, with the idea of safety and not just convenience.  The idea is that the less people leave the vicinity of the safety zone, the less chances of transmitting the virus and putting neighbors in danger.  Apparently, this idea is something that has not been thought of before the pandemic.  But now, it has become a selling point for developers.




No one wants to touch anything nowadays because pathogens stay on surfaces for days and these have elicited fear among people.  So as a solution, most condominium projects now have smart home features like using QR Codes which allows dwellers to move around without having to constantly touch objects and transmit the disease to others.  It does not really come off as costly, considering the safety and security that it offers.  We cannot stress it enough, that an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure.




The real estate industry identified a novel factor that now drives buyers to purchase properties: vast space.  With the new normal health protocol, people wanted to move out of congested areas because they feared COVID-19.  In effect, more and more potential buyers inquired about properties situated outside the metro.  Preferences were Laguna, Cavite, and Pampanga.   These are provinces not too far from the capital region.  Even Iloilo and Cebu were choice areas in the South for those who wanted to relocate or simply buy.  And because of the remote working conditions, most professionals were not deterred by the distance.  Still, safety was the primary consideration.




The industry recovery in the first quarter of 2021 promises a brighter future in world of real estate.  For one, the demographics of buyers are now younger, coming from the 20–30-year-old brackets.  The health sector’s continuous push for physical distancing has encouraged a lot of people to go solo as much as they can, if that is the best way to save themselves from the perils of the pandemic.


The vaccines are here, and hopefully, as soon as we reach the point of herd immunity, there will be another shift in the industry.  The economy will adjust to a now normal and people will have access to bank loans, making it possible for them to buy properties again.  Thus, the real estate industry will surely see better days ahead.




Featured Real Estate Broker

Featured Real Estate Broker



“Marisol” as what mostly called her, is our featured CRB for this month. She is an active Real Estate practitioner and despite of her work engagements; she still spares a space for REBAP Global City to occupy her busy schedule.

Marisol de los Reyes acquired her PRC license as Real Estate Broker in 2011 and after two years became a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser.  Aside from her academic achievement in the field of Real Estate Practice, she is also a Bachelor and candidate for Master’s Degree in Psychology.

She is currently the Branch Director of DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc.  In her dedication as an officer and member of REBAP Global City, she had occupied positions with the organization as Chapter Adviser, VP Internal Affairs, VP External Affairs, Chairperson for Education and Skills Committee and was the Chapter President for the year 2019.

From the positions she had withheld with REBAP Global City, it is evident that she had passionately devoted her time, service, and resources to the organization.  It is with delight to introduce a person like Marisol, and she will always be an asset to the chapter.

Fellow CRB’s let us all welcome Marisol de los Reyes.