Stepping into the vibrant month of March is our featured broker, CRB ANN KATHERINE VENTURA. March isn’t just a month; it’s a symphony of growth, and spiritual significance, and Ann embodies that spirit impeccably.

A 2002 graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Economics Major from the University of Santo Tomas, Ann’s journey took a fascinating turn when she pursued her passion for real estate at Cesar Santos Real Estate Academy in 2013. She’s not just a real estate enthusiast; she’s a maestro in the field.

She isn’t just educated; she’s a well-versed virtuoso with impressive licenses – Civil Service Eligibility Examination (2003), Professional Teachers Examination (2005), Real Estate Brokers Examination (2008), and Real Estate Appraisers Examination (2013).
Her work experience is a testament to her diverse talents – from Customer Service Associate at Etelecare Global Solutions to Teacher 1 at STI Academy-Malolos, and then as Administrative Officer II (HRMO 1) at the City Government of Malolos.

In the realm of real estate, Ann embarked on her private practice as a Real Estate Appraiser in 2022 and also stepped into the world of Project Selling as a part-timer at IPM Marketing Group Realty. Her journey continues, a saga of passion and dedication.
But Ann is more than a real estate virtuoso; she’s a multi-skilled powerhouse. With expertise in customer service, problem-solving, writing, and communication, coupled with proficiency in Google Workspace and Microsoft Office, she’s a dynamic force in the industry.

Dear colleagues, in the melody of March, let’s applaud Ann – an energetic virtuoso ready to dazzle the real estate stage with her talents and skills.