April symbolizes the transition from cold to warm weather. It represents the awakening of nature, with blossoming flowers and warmer weather bringing a sense of rejuvenation. Thus, our featured broker for this month epitomizes the promise of optimism and the beauty of change. She is a trailblazer in both technology and real estate. Her journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication and remarkable versatility. She embarked on her professional journey after graduating with a degree in BS Computer Science from the Philippine Christian University in 1999. She kicked off her career as a Y2K Specialist at Smart Communication, Inc., where her technical acumen and problem-solving skills were quickly recognized, leading to roles as a Systems Developer and later as a Systems Administrator at Asia Brewery. In 2007, she transitioned to Accenture-Philippines, where she honed her skills as an Analyst Programmer.

Driven by her passion for real estate, she made a career pivot in 2009, joining DMCI Homes as an In-house Property Consultant. It was here that she discovered her true calling, excelling in sales and forging lasting relationships with clients. Her exemplary performance led to rapid advancement within the company, culminating in her current role as an In-house Broker. Her achievements in the real estate industry are nothing short of impressive. As a consistent “elite” Sales Manager, she has consistently surpassed sales targets, exceeding 100 units in total sales per year. Her reputation for excellence has earned her accreditation as a Broker in numerous esteemed developers, including Avida Land, Amaia Land, Alveo, and many others, in addition to her mother developer, DMCI, Inc. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she is deeply involved in community engagement and creative pursuits.

As an elected Board of Director at Mahogany Place Homeowners she plays an active role in fostering community cohesion and documenting significant events. Furthermore, her talents extend into the photography, videography, and content creation, where she showcases her artistic flair and attention to detail.

Friends in the real Estate Industry, CRB Grace Cabatana is an epitome of excellence in both technology and real estate. Please join us in celebrating her remarkable achievements as she continues to make a profound impact in the real estate industry and beyond.