The Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP) Global City Chapter recently convened its 4th General Membership Meeting on April 18, 2024. The event took place at the prestigious Colliers Philippines Office, situated on the 30th Floor of the Makati Commerce Tower, located at 236 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City.

This significant gathering provided a platform for industry professionals to engage, exchange insights, and delve into pertinent topics shaping the real estate landscape. The meeting boasted an impressive lineup of speakers, each offering valuable expertise and perspectives.

One of the esteemed speakers was CRB Atty. Jeric Salenga, a distinguished figure in the field holding notable designations such as REB, REA, and REC. Atty. Salenga captivated the audience with his presentation on “The Process of Transferring Tax Declaration to Land Title,” shedding light on the intricacies and legalities involved in this crucial aspect of real estate transactions.

Another highlight of the event was the presence of Colliers Director Joey Roi Bondoc, a prominent industry leader renowned for his deep understanding of the Philippine property market. Bondoc’s presentation titled “The Philippine Property in 2024: Bound for Rebound?” offered invaluable insights into the current state of the industry and its projected trajectory, providing attendees with valuable foresight and strategic considerations.

The success of the 4th General Membership Meeting was further bolstered by the generous support of the event sponsors. Federal Land, Inc. and Orchard Property Marketing Corporation played pivotal roles in ensuring the event’s success, underscoring their commitment to advancing the real estate profession and fostering collaboration within the industry.

As the real estate landscape continues to evolve amidst dynamic market conditions, gatherings like the REBAP Global City Chapter’s General Membership Meeting serve as invaluable forums for knowledge exchange, professional development, and networking. By bringing together industry stalwarts, thought leaders, and aspiring professionals, such events contribute to the collective growth and advancement of the real estate sector, ensuring its resilience and relevance in the years to come.