REBAP Global City Featured Broker of the Month –January 2021


REA, REB, Lawyer

CRB Jerico D. Salenga as friends call him “Jeric”, is a very active and dynamic person. He is a person that you can approach and is willing to accommodate your concern whether it be business or legal matters. He is active in both professions as Real Estate service practitioners and a Lawyer.



Educational Background:

CRB Jeric took his Bachelor Laws in San Beda College of Alabang – School of Law and graduated in 2013. He is holding office at 5/F Pasig Revolving Tower, Marketing Avenue, San Nicolas, Pasig, City. His practice includes pleadings, petitions, commentaries, letters, legal contracts, among others.

CRB Jeric further his knowledge to reinforce his Law practice and took the Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Appraiser Board exams in 2015 and passed on the year.


Professional Legal Experience:

CRB Jeric’s legal experiences have been in the legal limelight since 2004 and his experience of the profession includes being a paralegal with the Office of the Solicitor General in Makati City in 2005; Legal Aide  with the Pasay City Hall Jail Precinct in 2004;  Attorney III for the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, Pasay, 2016-2018; Associate Council for J.P. Jimenez Law Office, 2015-2016; Associate Council for Hechanova Bugay Vilchez Andaya-Ricadio, Makati , 2014-2015 and he is currently the Founding Manager of Salenga Law firm.

For CRB Jeric, the legal Profession can be further reinforced by a more exciting and profitable business and profession thus, he decided to become a Real Estate Broker in 2015. He believes that Real Estate is an exciting business and profession and when he combined these with his legal practice, he instantly found out the benefits and the excitement of engaging in both. Here, he experienced endless transaction on various types of real estate dealings and considered each of it as very rewarding.

REBAP City Global is proud to have you on board CRB Atty Jerico “Jeric” Salenga. Welcome and enjoy the comradery!!