DJ Dimaliuat was born on November 10, 1986, at his grandmother’s home in Pasay City, Philippines. He is currently the President of DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc., one of the biggest real estate marketing company in the Philippines which he, together with his partners, established since 2010 when he was at the age of 23.


DJ started helping out at our family water station business at age 15, without pay. He helped my parents during weekends and sometimes after school, particularly in production and delivery operations. DJ learned the value of working for our company’s growth and developed passion doing it. This started his entrepreneurial spirit.

When DJ was a 19-year old college student, he almost had no money in his wallet. He wanted to do a lot of things, wanted to buy a lot of stuff, wanted to go to a lot of different places, but he just can’t afford it. He have a lot of dreams, but he doesn’t even have a comfortable life.

He wanted his life to change and he started searching for answers. He searched for opportunities rather than make reasons and he did found them.


During his college days as an Industrial Engineering student from Adamson University, he started pursuing a small trading businesses with a dream of being a young millionaire. He started selling cell phone prepaid loads and popcorns. He continued to look for more opportunities that eventually led him into the sales industry, the MLM industry.

By the year 2008, someone took notice of him and invited him to do real estate. He always wanted to be in real estate since it is one of the best investments if you know how to handle it. He is glad to be in the industry because he is learning while earning. he eventually earned his first million at age 22.


For the past 8 years, he has helped create over 80 millionaires through the sales industry, by insping them to pursue their dreams and live a balanced and abundant life.


He is a social entrepreneur. He love businesses that involve helping people to be entrepreneurs. He teaches and shares his knowledge to people and build a group that helps me with his business. He earns he helps people, and that is one of the best feelings in life! A life with meaning and sense of purpose, not to mention the income that comes along with it!

His dream is to see the youth living their dream life not when they get old but while they were young.

He believes that life is meant to be enjoyed as young as possible. The earlier you take charge of your own life, the faster you become successful. The younger you become a millionaire, the more people you can help and share your blessings.


I am a Young Millionaire and I empower people to be financially free.


Be a Young Millionaire, the world needs more.