Geraldine Oquendo-Uy is the Lead Broker and President of Beyond Homes Philippines Inc. since 2018. She is responsible for strategic direction, property management, and providing financial planning advice to strengthen the service of Beyond Homes Philippines Inc.

A dreamed professional in the making with more than 14 years of real estate ventured career, Geraldine, aka Ghie is known for providing comprehensive education and imploring thorough guidance to both of her buyers and sellers. She is good at maintaining rapport and long last term relationships with her clients.

Looking back, she was a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. With her coupled 10 years of experience in administrative and management operations in the Food industry, she developed service orientation skills and applied the skills leading her success and growth in the Real estate world.

To further connect her and share her knowledge and expertise, she joined REBAP Global City Chapter in 2011. And a year after she was appointed as the Chapter Treasurer. She contributed a lot to the financial planning and good service in the organization. Added on to that, she was again elected with the same position in 2019 up to 2021, a true mark of excellence in finance and money keeping of the chapter.

Now, CRB Geraldine N. Oquendo – Uy, is the incumbent Vice President for Finance of REBAP Global City Chapter.