Broker D, as her peers fondly call her, is a forward-thinking executive with a proven track record of accomplishments in Real Estate for over the past 10-years. She has shown herself to be the extremely driven and ambitious president of PHILREP Realty Corporation, who is dedicated to continuous business improvement, sustainable revenue growth, and streamlining business operations.


To those who know her, one of her hallmark traits is her outgoing and oftentimes boisterous nature. A veritable people person by nature, she naturally excels in working with and leading teams of like-minded individuals while keeping things very lively and engaging. Once she becomes set on achieving a goal, nearly nothing can detract her from her single-minded purpose. She uses her drive to inspire and encourage those around her to do the same.


She is no newcomer when it comes to being a leader at REBAP Global City chapter. She has previously served as VP for Internal Affairs in 2020, and currently serves as VP for MIS. In her current role, she has committed to using her more than 10 years of experience as an accomplished licensed Real Estate Broker, tech-savvy business executive for the benefit, growth and renewed prominence of her beloved chapter.