The Parent

For most entrepreneurs, starting up your own business is just like raising a child. You love and nurture it, you sacrifice your time, energy and resources for it, you keep on thinking about it even when you’re home or on vacation, you spend sleepless nights worrying about it, you make preparations for it’s future, and sometimes, you cry for it when things don’t go as planned. Worst case, everything you did for it might not bear fruit at all…

But the good thing is, you can start all over. And if you’re smart, you’ll be able to use all that you’ve learned from everything you’ve gone through. And hopefully this time, with enough planning, good decision-making and perseverance, you can eventually see your child grow up to be a parent.

No one ever said being your own boss would be easy…


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If you have a knack for marketing, buying-and-selling, and you have that client-comes-first, positive attitude and never-say-die personality, the real-estate industry is one of the most rewarding jobs you can venture into right now.

Most people who are really good at selling normally start out on a small scale. You’ll see a lot of enterprising individuals (a lot of them OFWs) who sell their hand-me-downs for affordable prices on FB live and make a good profit. They’re usually good at building rapport with their target audience and this is a critical skill for anyone in the buy-and-sell business.

A lot of aspiring real-estate sellers have experience and good people skills, but why are most of the folks I talk to hesitant to get into real-estate selling? One of the biggest challenges I have observed with the people I’ve interacted with boils down to the fact that they get overwhelmed by the price tag of what they’re selling. Most of them have been used to selling items that range in the hundreds to couple of thousands of pesos. But in real-estate, they suddenly have to sell properties that can be anywhere in the hundred of thousands up to several millions of pesos. And the price tag somehow intimidates most of them.

I’ve been in the same boat before, so I can understand how they feel, I used to be part of a startup IT company earlier in my career. One of my roles included coming along with the marketing team to present our proposal to clients. As a technical person, that was the time I had to quickly learn how to explain and justify to clients why the solution they were buying was so expensive. Trial by fire experiences come one after another, some worse than others, but I took it all in stride, because I learned what I did correctly, and more importantly, I learned what NOT TO DO in the future. So here’s my unsolicited advice to all you aspiring real-estate sellers…

You are selling something of great value to someone. It is not just a structure built out of concrete and steel, it is a FUTURE HOME of a family. It is where fond memories will be built upon and preserved. These intangible things are PRICELESS and cannot easily be assigned a monetary value.

If you are still not convinced, think of if this way: Do not look at the total contract price, think in terms of Monthly Downpayments and Amortizations instead. It becomes easier as you look at the bigger picture. Also, your client is making an INVESTMENT that can pay for itself in the future if they decide to rent/lease out their property. Real-estate very rarely depreciates in value after all.

And if you do your job well and show your client that you actually care about their dream of finding a HOME, then just might be pleasantly surprised at repeat business and referrals from your happy clients!


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Jay Dominic Sto. Tomas is a board member of PHILREP Realty Corporation and a certified IT Architect at IBM

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