The Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP) Global City Chapter recently held its last quarter planning session on September 22, 2023, at the prestigious Diamond Hotel located along Roxas Boulevard in Manila. The event saw the chapter’s dedicated officers and advisers coming together to strategize and plan the forthcoming activities, submit crucial reports, and prepare for the grand hosting of the National Christmas Party in December 2023.

The gathering was marked by an atmosphere of enthusiasm and camaraderie, with members of the chapter eager to contribute their expertise and insights for the betterment of the association. The Diamond Hotel provided an elegant backdrop, inspiring a sense of purpose and professionalism among the attendees.

One of the highlights of the planning session was the visit of the National Vice President for External Affairs, CRB Cora Cabug. Her presence was invaluable as she shared crucial insights and perspectives on the upcoming activities at the national level. With her extensive experience and knowledge in the real estate industry, her input was highly appreciated by the attendees.

The planning session commenced with an overview of the chapter’s accomplishments during the preceding quarters. The officers and advisers took the opportunity to commend the hard work and dedication of the members, emphasizing the positive impact they had made on the local real estate community.

The discussions then transitioned into the main agenda, which included a detailed review of the upcoming activities. Each event was carefully examined, with an emphasis on maximizing member participation and ensuring a meaningful experience for all involved. The planning team meticulously examined potential venues, speakers, and logistical considerations to guarantee the success of each event.

Additionally, the session focused on the submission of essential reports, which serve as a testament to the chapter’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Reports on financial matters, membership statistics, and outreach initiatives were thoroughly reviewed and evaluated.

A significant portion of the session was dedicated to the planning and organization of the National Christmas Party. Recognized as a highlight of the REBAP calendar, this event brings together members from various chapters across the Philippines to celebrate the holiday season and strengthen professional relationships. The Global City Chapter eagerly embraced the responsibility of hosting this grand affair, promising a memorable experience for all attendees.

As the planning session drew to a close, a palpable sense of accomplishment and excitement filled the room. The dedication and collaborative spirit exhibited by the chapter’s officers and advisers ensured that every aspect of the upcoming activities had been meticulously considered.

In conclusion, the REBAP Global City Chapter’s last quarter planning session at the Diamond Hotel on September 22, 2023, was an unequivocal success. The participation, dedication, and meticulous planning demonstrated by the chapter’s officers and advisers exemplified their commitment to the real estate profession and the association as a whole. With the valuable insights shared by National VP CRB Cora Cabug, the chapter is poised for a successful and eventful end to 2023.